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Machine Features The BOSM four-station flange CNC drilling and milling machine series is mainly used for circular flange processing,

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Machine Features

The four-station flange CNC drilling and milling machine series is mainly used for circular flange processing, and can also be used for efficient drilling / milling of workpieces with thicknesses within the effective range such as half shafts, flat plates, flanges, disks and rings / Tapping / reaming / engraving and other processes. Through-holes and blind holes can be drilled on simple material parts and composite materials. The machine tool is digitally controlled for easy operation. Can achieve automation, high precision, multiple varieties, mass production.

Machine Structure

This machine mainly has work table, four sets of hydraulic four-jaw self-centering chucks, a mobile gantry, a mobile sliding saddle, a drilling and milling power head, an automatic lubrication device and a protective device, a circulating cooling device, a digital control system, and an electrical system. Etc composition. The supporting and guiding of the rolling line guide and the precision lead screw drive, the machine tool has high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy.

1.Bed work table:

The bed is made of steel structural parts. It is finished by secondary tempering treatment. It has good dynamic and static rigidity and does not deform. The working table uses four sets of 500mm four-jaw self-centering hydraulic chucks for fast clamping of workpieces. Two ultra-high-capacity linear rolling guide pairs are installed on both sides of the bed. After positioning, the two sets of imported high-intensity locking The powerful rail clamp is firmly positioned and locked on the rail. The clamp fits perfectly without damaging the rail slider. The clamp opening and closing time is only 0.06 seconds, which greatly shortens the processing time. The drive system uses a bus absolute servo motor and precision The ball screw drives the gantry to move in the Y-axis direction. Adjustable bolts are distributed on the bottom of the bed, which can easily adjust the level of the bed table.

2.Mobile Gantry:

The mobile gantry is cast with gray iron 250. The height of the heavy beam is 800mm to enhance its strength. Two super-high-capacity rolling linear guide pairs are installed on the front side of the gantry. The blue slider uses a precision ball screw pair and a servo motor to move the power head slide in the Y axis direction. A drilling power head is installed on the power head slide. The movement of the gantry is realized by the servo motor driving the ball screw mother to rotate on the ball screw through a precision coupling.


3.Mobile sliding saddle:

The mobile sliding saddle is a precision cast iron structural component. The sliding saddle is widened and increased to increase the center distance of the guide rail. Two sets of ultra-high-capacity rolling linear guide rail pairs and precision ball screw pairs are connected to the high-precision arm The brake servo motor drives the drilling power head to move in the Z-axis direction, which can realize fast forward, industrial advance, fast rewind, and stop of the power head. With automatic chip breaking, chip removal, pause functions.


4.Drilling power head:

The drilling power head uses a dedicated servo spindle motor. The precision mechanical spindle is driven by the deceleration of the toothed synchronous belt to increase the torque. The spindle uses front three, two, and five-row Japanese angular contact bearings to achieve stepless speed change. Quick and easy replacement, the feed is driven by servo motor and ball screw. The X and Y axes can be linked, and semi-closed loop control can be used to achieve linear and circular interpolation functions.


5. Flat chain automatic chip conveyor and circulating cooling device

This machine is equipped with a flat chain automatic chip conveyor and a chip collector. The circulating cooling device is equipped with a paper filter, which has a high-pressure internal cooling pump and a low-pressure external cooling pump for the internal and external cooling of the tool.

5.1 Automatic lubrication device and protective device:

This machine is equipped with Taiwan's original volumetric partial pressure automatic lubricating device, which can automatically lubricate the guide rails, lead screws and other moving pairs, and there is no dead angle to ensure the service life of the machine. The X-axis and Y-axis of the machine tool are equipped with dust-proof protective covers, and waterproof splash guards are installed around the workbench.

6. CNC control system:

6.1. With chip breaking function, chip breaking time and chip breaking cycle can be set on the man-machine interface.

6.2. With the tool lifting function, the tool lifting height can be set on the man-machine interface. When drilling to this height, the drill bit is quickly raised above the workpiece, and then the chip is smashed, and then fast-forwarded to the drilling surface and automatically converted to the work.

6.3. The centralized operation control box and handheld unit adopt a numerical control system, and are equipped with a USB interface and an LCD display. In order to facilitate programming, storage, display and communication, the operation interface has functions such as man-machine dialogue, error compensation, and automatic alarm.

6.4. The equipment has the function of previewing and rechecking the hole position before processing, and the operation is very convenient.


7.Rail clamp:

The clamp is composed of the main body of the clamp, actuators, etc. It is a high-performance functional component used in conjunction with the rolling linear guide pair. Through the principle of wedge block force expansion, it generates a strong clamping force; it has a fixed gantry, precise positioning, anti-vibration and Function to improve stiffness.

Has the following characteristics:

Ø 1)Safe and reliable, strong clamping force, clamping the non-moving XY axis during drilling and tapping processing.

Ø 2)The extremely high clamping force increases the rigidity of the axial feed and prevents fretting caused by vibration.

Ø 3)Quick response, the opening and closing response time is only 0.06 seconds, which can protect the machine tool and increase the life of the lead screw.

Ø 4)Durable, nickel-plated surface, good anti-rust performance.

Ø 5)Novel design to avoid rigid impact when tightening.







Maximum workpiece size

Outer diameter



Maximum workpiece height



Half shaft workpiece diameter



Shaft length

700mm can be increased according to the foundation


Workpiece thickness

≤5 times of drill diameter


Vertical ram type drilling power head




Spindle taper



Drill diameter



Tapping range



Spindle speed



Servo spindle motor power



Distance from spindle bottom to worktable



Lateral movement of power head (X Axis)

MAX. travel



X Axis speed



X Axis servo motor power



Longitudinal movement of moving beam (Y Axis)

MAX. travel



Y Axis speed



Y Axis servo motor power



Vertical sleeper feed movement (Z axis)

MAX. travel



Z axis speed



Z Axis servo motor power

1×2.4 brake


Positioning accuracy




Indexing accuracy




Machine siza

Length x width x height



Machine weight



Quality Inspection

Each machine is calibrated with a laser interferometer from the United Kingdom RENISHAW company, which accurately inspects and compensates for pitch errors, backlash, positioning accuracy, and repeated positioning accuracy to ensure the machine's dynamic, static stability, and processing accuracy. . Ball bar test Each machine uses a ball bar tester from the British RENISHAW company to correct the true circle accuracy and ma
chine geometric accuracy, and perform circular cutting experiments at the same time to ensure the machine's 3D machining accuracy and circle accuracy.


Machine tool use environment

1.1 Equipment environmental requirements

Maintaining a constant level of ambient temperature is an essential factor for precision machining.

(1) Available ambient temperature is -10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃. When the ambient temperature is 20 ℃, the humidity should be 40 ~ 75%.

(2) In order to keep the static accuracy of the machine tool within the specified range, the optimal ambient temperature is required to be 15 ° C to 25 ° C with a temperature difference

It should not exceed ± 2 ℃ / 24h.

1.2 Power supply voltage: 3-phase, 380V, voltage fluctuation within ± 10%, power supply frequency: 50HZ.

1.3 If the voltage in the use area is unstable, the machine tool should be equipped with a regulated power supply to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool.

1.4. The machine tool should have reliable grounding: the grounding wire is copper wire, the wire diameter should not be less than 10mm², and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.

1.5 In order to ensure the normal working performance of the equipment, if the compressed air of the air source fails to meet the requirements of the air source, a set of air source purification devices (dehumidification, degreasing, filtering) should be added before the machine's air intake.

1.6. The equipment should be kept away from direct sunlight, vibration and heat sources, and away from high-frequency generators, electric welding machines, etc., so as to avoid machine production failure or loss of machine accuracy.

Before&After Service

1)Before Service

Through study the request and necessary information from  customers then feedback to our engineers, the Bossman Technical team is responsible for the technical communication with the customers and the formulation of solutions, assisting customer in selecting the appropriate machining solution and suitable machines.

2)After Service

A.The machine with one-year warranty and paid for life-long maintenance.

B.During the one-year warranty period after the machine arrived in destination port, BOSSMAN will provide free and timely maintenance services for various non-man-made faults on machine, and timely replace all kinds of non-man-made damage parts free of charge . Failures occurring out the warranty period shall be repaired at appropriate charges.

C.Technical support in 24 hours online, TM, Skype, E-mail, solving the relative questions in time. if cannot be resolved,BOSSMAN will immediately arrange for after-sales engineer to arrive on-site for repair,buyer need pay for the VISA, flights tickets and accommodation.

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