CNC Turn-Milling Combined Machine


CNC Turn-milling Machines are multi-tasking, multi-function CNC machines used for producing complex workpieces in one operation. These machines are capable of turning a workpiece and applying rotating tooling operations such as cr

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Longmen structure, super rigid

Integrated positive Y axis structure belongs to high-rigidity heavy cutting and its performance is better than the interpolation Y axis.

a. Single Y axis motion heavy cutting is better than interpolation Y axis and the Y axis is perpendicular to the X axis.

b. The plane contour processing is smoother and flatter.

c. More convenient for compound surface and contour processing.

"Positive Y" turn-milling combined equipment has obvious advantages in machining plane milling compared with "interpolation Y" turn-milling combined.The movement of the "Positive Y" Y-axis is perpendicular to the X-axis, which is a single-axis movement and the "interpolation Y" Y-axis movement is to interpolate a straight line through the simultaneous movement of X-axis and Y-axis,the flatness of the milling plane and the comparison of the “positive Y" axis turn-milling combined,"Positive Y" axis turn-milling combined processing is obviously bright and flat.


Double fixed ball screw

High-quality ball screws and roller guides from top global manufacturers are used.

Although expensive, only high-quality products can meet the high precision and long

service life required by customers.

Direct-Coulled Servomotors

The servo motor is directly connected to the ball screw via a steel coupling, which

ensures no degeneration and misalignment even under heavy loads.

This will greatly improve positioning accuracy, and thread and contour machining

will be more accurate.

106M 108M 208M

ltem Model Name Unit 106MY 108MY 208MY
Travel Max. Turning Diameter on the Bed mm φ600 φ600 φ600
Max. Processing Diameter mm φ320 φ300 φ400
Max . Processing Diameter on the Tool Holder mm φ220 φ220 φ380
Max. Processing Length mm 250 250 370
Distance Between Centers mm 380 380 600
Spindle Motor
Spindle Nose type A2-5 A2-6 A2-6
Max . Speed of Spindle rpm 5500 4300 4200
Oil Cylinder/ Chuck lnch 6” 8” 8”
Spindle Bore mm φ56 φ65 φ65
Bar Diameter mm φ45 φ52 φ52
Direct Drive Spindle Motor Power kw 17.5 22 22
X/Z/Y Axis Feed
X Travel mm 180 180 280
X/Z  Linear Guide Specification spes 35/35Rolller 35/35Rolller 35/35Rolller
Z Travel mm - 300 600
X/Z/Y Motor Power kw 1.8/1.8/1.0 1.8/1.8/1.0 1.8/1.8/1.0
X/Z//Y Rapid Traverse m/min 30/30/10 30/30/10 20/20/10
Positioning Accuracy mm ±0.005 ±0.005 ±0.005
Repeat Positioning Accuracy mm ±0.003 ±0.003 ±0.003
Turret Parameter Tool  Position pcs BMT45-12T BMT45-12T BMT55-12T
Power Turret Motor kw 2.2/3.7 2.2/3.7 2.2/3.7
Square Tool Holder mm 20×20 20×20 20×20
Round Boring Tool Holder mm φ32 φ32 φ40
Adjacent Tool Change Time sec 0.15 0.15 0.15
Positioning Accuracy / ±2” ±2” ±2”
Repeat Positioning Accuracy / ±1” ±1” ±1”
Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock /  
Max . Travel of  Tailstock mm 360 360 440
Tailstock Sleeve Taper Hole type MT 5# MT 5# MT 5#
Sleeve Diameter mm / / /
Sleeve Travel mm / / /
Mechanical Size Machine Size mm 2300×1800×1700 2300×1800×1700 2620×2200×1920
Machine Weight kg 3700kg 3800kg 5200kg

Servo Automatic Bar Feeder

TENOLY  feeders  feature a heavy-duty and automated design,

It significantly increases productivity and simplifies turning operations.

Parts Catcher

The workpiece catcher is designed with the principle of mechanical linkage, which can be quickly

connected with the finished product after processing.


THK roller linear guide

The linear guide has zero clearance, arc cutting, bevel cutting, and  the surface texture is relatively uniform. It is suitable for high-speed operation and greatly reduces the driving horsepower required for the machine Linear guide rails use rolling instead of sliding, with small friction loss, sensitive response and high positioning accuracy. It can bear the load inthe up, down, left and right directions at the same time. Under the load, the contact surface of the track is still in multi-point contact, and the  cutting rigidity will not be reduced; Easy and interchangeable assembly and simple lubricating structure; the linear guides have very little wear and long lasting.

THK Ball Screw

Using high-precision ball screw, with nut preloading and screw

pretensioning treatment, the backlash and temperature rise and

elongation are eliminated in advance, showing excellent positioning

and repeatability.

Direct drive with servo motor to reduce backlash error.


High Precision Motorised Arm for Lathe

Pull-down tool setter with high precision repeatability Available in a variety of different sizes to meet various industrial needs Available in a variety of standard sizes, as well as custom-made steel measuring arms with low coefficient of expansion
Use a robust zirconia probe
Takes up little machine space when not in use

Hydraulic Chuck Workholding

The lathe is equipped with hydraulic through-hole chuck as standard. The chuck can be customized according to customer needs, and a variety of options will give you the most suitable clamping chuck.


Secondary Spindle

Both ends of the workpiece can be machined at the same time in one clamping, which greatly simplifies the manual operation.

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