Routine Care and Maintenance of Chip Conveyors in Mexico

First, the maintenance of the chip conveyor:


1. After the new chip conveyor is used for two months, the tension of the chain needs to be readjusted, and it will be adjusted every six months thereafter.


2. The chip conveyor must work at the same time as the machine tool.


3. Too much iron filings are not allowed to accumulate on the chip conveyor to avoid jamming. When the machine tool is working, the iron chips should be continuously and evenly discharged into the chip conveyor, and then discharged by the chip conveyor.


4. The chip conveyor should be inspected and cleaned every six months.
5. For the chain plate type chip conveyor, the geared motor needs to be reversed every half a month, and the debris at the bottom of the chip conveyor housing should be cleaned in reverse. Before the motor is reversed, the iron scraps at the level of the chip conveyor should be cleaned.

6. When maintaining and maintaining the chip conveyor of the machine tool, be careful not to get oil stains on the friction plate of the protector.

7. For the magnetic chip conveyor, pay attention to adding the oil cups on both sides to the proper position when using it.

8. When using the screw conveyor, please confirm whether the rotation direction of the screw is consistent with the required direction.

9. Before using the chip conveyor, please read the product manual of our company carefully.
Second, during the long-term use of the chip conveyor, there will be problems such as loose chain and stuck chain plate. After the problem occurs, you can follow the steps below to solve the problem.


1. Chain tension:


When the chip conveyor is used for a long time, the chain will be elongated and the tension will be reduced. At this time, the chain needs to be adjusted.


(1) Loosen the bolts that fix the geared motor of lathe, move the position of the geared motor properly, and loosen the drive


chain. Twist the tensioning top wire on the left and right sides little by little, and adjust the chain of the chain plate to make it have proper tension. Then tension the drive chain and fix the geared motor bolts.


(2) When the chip conveyor is used for a long time and the chain has no adjustment allowance, please remove the two chain plates and chains (chain plate type chip conveyor) or two chains (scraper type chip conveyor), and then reassemble before continuing. Adjust to suitability.

 2. The chip conveyor chain plate is stuck


(1) Remove the chain box.


(2) Adjust the round nut of the protector with a pipe wrench and tighten the protector. Power on the chip conveyor and observe whether the protector is still slipping and the chain plate is stuck.


(3) If the chain plate still does not move, the chip conveyor will stop working after power off, and clean the iron scraps at the level.


(4) Remove the baffle plate of the chip conveyor and the scraper plate at the chip outlet.


(5) Take the rag and put it into the rear end of the chip conveyor. The chip conveyor is energized and reversed, so that the rag is reversely rolled into the chip conveyor, and a piece is inserted at a distance from one end. If it does not turn, use a pipe wrench to help the protector.


(6) Observe at the chip drop port in front of the chip conveyor to ensure that the inserted rags are completely discharged. Repeat this operation several times to discharge the chips at the bottom of the chip conveyor.


(7) Power off the chip conveyor, and tighten the round nut to an appropriate tension.


(8) Install the chain box, front baffle and scraper.

3. Filter water tank:


(1) Before the water tank is used, it is necessary to fill up the cutting fluid to the required liquid level to prevent the phenomenon of idling and burning of the pump due to the pump not being able to pump the cutting fluid.


(2) If the water pump is not pumping smoothly, please check whether the wiring of the pump motor is correct.


(3) If there is a water leakage problem in the water pump, do not disassemble the pump body to check the fault, and you need to contact our company to deal with it in time.


(4) When the liquid levels of the first and second-level connected water tanks are not equal, please pull out the filter insert to check to see if it is caused by the blockage of the filter insert.


(5) The oil-water separator of CNC machine does not recover floating oil: please check whether the motor wiring of the oil-water separator is reversed.


(6) The motors on the water tank are abnormally heated, please turn off the power immediately to check the fault.


3. The lathe machine operator should make the iron scraps of the chip collector fall with the full, so as to prevent the iron scraps of the chip collector from being too high and being reversely drawn into the bottom of the chip conveyor by the chip conveyor to cause jamming.


Prevent other items (such as wrenches, workpieces, etc.) from falling into the chip conveyor except for iron filings.


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