Methods Of Tool Setting For CNC Lathe

One of the often utilized CNC machine tools is the CNC lathe. It can be used for grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming, and boring. It is primarily used for cutting internal and external cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disk parts, internal and external conical surfaces of arbitrary cone angles, complex rotary internal and external surfaces, cylinders, tapered threads, etc.

The tool setting concept is the same whether a tool setting device is present on the lathe or not. There isn’t a tool setup device, to start. The genesis of the lathe itself is mechanical. Usually, you have to try to cut when you set the tool. To find the tool number you use in the G screen, move the cursor to X and enter X, for instance, when the outer diameter of the lathe is one tool. Then, exit in the Z direction, measure the outer diameter of the lathe part, and finally find the tool number you use in the G screen. To find out where the tool tip is on the tool, press the measuring machine tool.It is simple to cut in the Z direction with the same inner diameter. Simply touch each tool in the Z direction to take the Z0 reading.

All the tools have been documented in this manner. Verify that the workpiece shift contains the processing zero point. The zero point of the workpiece can be found with any tool. So keep in mind to read the tool before setting it up.

The tool may be set via the collet, which is a more practical way. The tool can touch the input external diameter, and we are aware of the collet’s external diameter. We can manually press a measuring block against the collet to align the internal diameter while also entering the collet’s external diameter. A tool setting device makes things much more convenient.The position will be recorded when the tool touches the tool setting device, which is equivalent to a fixed tool setting test cutting workpiece. In order to save time, it is therefore best to purchase a tool setting device if the processing involves a variety of small batches.

Post time: Nov-23-2022

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