Introduction and advantages of valve processing lathes

In our firm, industrial valve processing lathes are also known as double- or three-sided valve milling. The valve’s high-efficiency and high-precision machining needs are met. The needs of simultaneous turning of three-sided or two-sided flanges in one clamping can be met by the special machine tool for simultaneous processing of three sides. As a result, it is no longer essential to perform several assemblies in various equipment rooms, which significantly reduces the processing cycle time and needed workshop space.

Our business specifically built this industrial valve Machining Machine for industrial valves, pipe fittings, and other products. It is an exclusive patent with the features of a sensible design, simplicity of use, and high effectiveness.

Our organization completes products from design to production on its own. Our factory offers a wealth of industry knowledge, a skilled technical staff, and cutting-edge machining facilities and technology to manage product design and quality from the start.

In order to assure the quality of machine tools, our outsourced components such as spindles, lead screws, gears, bearings, etc. employ domestic high-quality first-line brands.

Using HDMT our factory specific CNC system (optional Fanuc or GSK system), the system is reliable and easy to run, using the domestic standard CNC programming language, considerably decreasing the cost of learning.

A bed, a bed head box, a power head, a feed CNC sliding table, a hydraulic tooling, an independent electrical cabinet, a hydraulic station, a centralized lubrication device, etc. are the major components of the special machine tool for processing industrial valve pipe fittings. Both a cooling system and automated chip removal are options. equipment, complete security.

The power head is our factory’s key piece of technology. The power head features a proprietary, exclusive motor and screw structure that is exceptional in accuracy, stiffness, and durability. The tooling has been specifically created for the treated pieces. To guarantee precise and secure alignment, the positioning pins and blocks have all been quenched. Hydraulically clamping the workpiece increases processing effectiveness while lowering human labor requirements. Since many international clients are unable to ship their finished products to China, we will first offer fixture design options based on the client’s workpiece drawings, and the client will then design their own fittings in accordance with our design drawings in the client’s local region.

Post time: Nov-12-2022

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