How to choose tools of machine in Russia? Can it improve processing efficiency(1)?

As the “teeth” of CNC machines, tools play a vital role in the process of machine processing. The tool not only has a direct impact on the machining efficiency of the machine, but also greatly affects the machining quality of the parts. Compared with the traditional machining methods, the spindle speed and range of CNC machines are much higher, so this puts forward higher requirements for CNC machining tools. These requirements are not only reflected in the accuracy, strength, In terms of rigidity and life, it also has high requirements in terms of size and installation adjustment. This makes the tool need to be reasonable in structure, standardized in geometric parameters, and serialized.

The development of the manufacturing industry is changing with each passing day. The emerging new materials and endless new processes will make multi-functional composite tools and high-speed tools become the mainstream of tool development. Faced with the increasing number of difficult-to-machine materials, the tool industry must improve tool materials, develop new tool materials and more reasonable tool structures. CNC tool is one of the prerequisites for improving machining efficiency, and its selection depends on the geometry of the parts to be machined, the material state, the rigidity of the fixture and the tool selected by the machining center. Therefore, when choosing a tool that is more suitable for you, you should consider the following aspects:


Post time: Jul-06-2022

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