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About us

OTURN MACHINERY is an overseas marketing&sales center established by our own factory and brother factories together.

The OTURN director Ms. Sharo Wang whom with 12 years experience from a part-time job in operate machining during university start from 2008 to being responsible for overseas marketing and sales in CNC Machine factory.With a team that is always ready to face new challenges and customers requirements being of paramount importance.

The success of the business is based on the highest quality standards, decades of experience and excellent solutions with the best service. It has a solution with difference.

Nowadays we have big industrial client network.

The main industries Oil and gas industry, Chemical Industry,wind power industry,construction machinery industry,ships and offshore industry ,machinery Manufacturing,Automotive industry,Petroleum machinery,mining machinery etc.

We give our partners the fullest support and protection.

We are the most solid shield for our partners in China.



Contact: Ms.Sharo

Phone: +86 136 6166 0678

Tel: +86-574-8711 7865

Email: info@oturnmachinery.com

Add: 1204# Haida Building, Tongji Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo,China.